About Us

Belmont AgriCorp is a Filipino corporation representing major manufacturers from the US and around the world for agricultural and industrial equipment for the past 40 years.

Belmont is the industry leader serving industries for poultry and livestock.  All the major poultry integrators and large-scale piggeries are Belmont customers.


Poultry & Livestock Equipment:
Belmont pioneered the poultry & livestock equipment industry, and represents the best companies from around the world because of its early entry into this field. The leading poultry and piggery farms throughout the Philippines are satisfied users of feeders and waterers, brooders and ventilation equipment supplied by Belmont.

Belmont started tunnel ventilation system in 1992.

Belmont put up the first broiler tunnel ventilation system in 2001 for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Belmont started Controlled Climate System (CCS) with San Miguel Foods, Inc. in 2004.


Belmont Market Share in Tunnel Ventilation System:

  • Luzon – 70%
  • Isabela – 95%
  • Visayas – 85%
  • Southern Mindanao – 90%
  • Northern Mindanao – 100%


Evaporative Cooling System
More recently, Belmont has introduced its highly effective Evaporative Cooling System (ECS) for industrial users due to its outstanding performance for agribusiness. This system will greatly benefit garment and textiles factories, warehouses, malls, food and manufacturing industries.


Strong Marketing and Engineering Team:
The strength of Belmont AgriCorp Inc. springs from the excellence and competence of its suppliers. Coming from the best companies in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, the equipment carried by Belmont are supported by many years of documented quality performance.

Belmont is also very proud of its team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Our engineers have all been trained in our suppliers’ facilities abroad, and they work closely with our suppliers' engineers who frequently visit the Philippines for further assistance to our customers.

Belmont's engineers work closely with our customers from the initial planning of a project, and continue through the layout, design, installation and the very crucial after sales service.

Belmont is very proud of its track record of efficient and responsive technical support by its engineers, supplemented by periodic visits from technical experts of our suppliers. We can point with pride to our very numerous satisfied customers throughout the Philippines.