Company Profile


Belmont AgriCorp is a Philippine-based company,  and has been a leader in the agri-equipment industry for the past 30 years.

Jamesway® 2-door hatcher


Poultry & Livestock Equipment: Belmont pioneered the poultry & livestock equipment industry, and represents the best companies from around the world because of its early entry into this field. The leading poultry and piggery farms throughout the Philippines are satisfied users of incubators, feeders and waterers, brooders and ventilation equipment supplied by Belmont.

Model G® Plus poultry feeder

Meal-time® feeding system

Bulk Grain Storage and Conveying Equipment: In the past 15 years, Belmont has led the grain industry in switching from bagged grain to  bulk grain  storage and conveying equipment for corn, soya meal, rice and wheat. Belmont continues to be the leader and innovator in bulk grain handling, and has built large port grain storage facilities in addition to numerous bulk grain silos for the feed-milling, flour-milling  and rice industries throughout the Philippines. Belmont has also led the way in related grain equipment including ship and barge grain unloaders, commercial dryers for corn and rice,  chilling of grains, and numerous other innovations.

Brock® bulk grain silo

Feed-Milling Equipment: Belmont markets various types of feed-milling equipment, and works very closely with this industry which is the major user of bulk corn, soya meal and other grains.

C-2100A Series Grain Dryers

Marketing and Engineering Support:
The strength  of Belmont AgriCorp springs from the excellence and competence of its suppliers.  Coming from the best companies in the USA, Canada and Europe, the  equipment carried by Belmont are supported by many years of documented quality performance. These suppliers now have high market share thanks to the dynamic leadership of Belmont's Marketing Management Team headed by Mr. Tony Magno.

Belmont is very proud of  its team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.  Our engineers have all been trained in our suppliers facilities abroad, and they also work closely with our suppliers' engineers who frequently visit the Philippines for further assistance to our customers.

Belmont's engineers work closely with our customers from the initial planning of a project, and continue through the  layout, design, installation and also the very crucial after sales service.  Even the top marketing executives of Belmont are qualified engineers who are always involved in assuring maximum performance of installed equipment. Belmont is very proud of its track record of  efficient and responsive technical support by its engineers, supplemented by periodic visits from technical experts of our suppliers. So we can point with pride to our very numerous satisfied customers throughout the Philippines.